Rainy Day Letter

Hear the good things other people say about you.

Get 5 or more people to take a survey about someone you love, and create them a letter they'll never forget.

100% of proceeds support Black Lives Matter in June

What is a Rainy Day Letter

Why is it we always hear the negative things people have to say about us, but rarely the good?

I'm a trainee counsellor, and as part of my own therapy my counsellor, Lisa, suggested I write a "Rainy Day Letter" - a list of all the compliments I've received from people on the periphery of my life; neighbours, colleagues, friends. The original idea comes from Yvonne Dolan, a prominent solutions-focused therapist specialising in trauma and sexual abuse, in her book "Beyond Survival: Living Well is the Best Revenge" (1998, BT Press). The idea is that while our brains hold onto all the criticism we've received it's hard to remember the compliments, particularly if we've had negative experiences in life.

So my lovely husband surprised me with a Rainy Day Letter on Mother's Day, and hearing how others perceived me had a profound effect on the way I felt about myself. It's a letter I'll cherish forever, and I keep it by my mirror so I can reflect on it every morning as I get ready for the day.

Soon, I started doing letters for my friends, then they wanted to do one for their husbands, then their parents wanted to do ones for their wives... And basically, we thought everyone in the world should give and receive one of these. So we set up a website to do it!

For just £7 (to cover the cost of running the project, plus a 1 donation to Mind) you can create a Rainy Day Letter for someone you care about. You never know how much they might need to hear it.

How Does a Rainy Day Letter Work?

1. Choose someone who needs a boost

It could be your partner, a friend, a neighbour, a relative... Anyone you think needs a pick-me-up.

2. Take a short survey about them

It's just 3 questions, the answers to which will make for very pleasant reading.

3. Send the survey to people they know

We recommend a minimum of 5 (there's no maximum), and they'll answer the same 3 questions.

4. We build and send you the letter

We make sure it reads well and looks pretty, then email it to you as a PDF. You can print and give it to them in person, send it in the post, email it to them... However you want to do it.

Examples of Rainy Day Letters

For a Neighbour

For a Best Friend

For a Mum

How Much Does a Rainy Day Letter Cost?

We want Rainy Day Letters to be accessible to everyone, so we only charge £7 each. For the month of June, 100% of that will be donated to Black Lives Matter.

What Can a Rainy Day Letter Do?

"Getting a letter on mother's day from all of my friends was the best present ever. So thoughtful, and I had no idea people thought those things about me.

I'll cherish it forever"

Grace, received a Rainy Day Letter

Thanks so much for prioritizing this one over the weekend. Just hopped off a family zoom call for my mom's birthday where she read the letter and it (of course) resulted in happy tears. Where can I make a donation?

Will, gave a Rainy Day Letter to his mom

This is incredible! I’m so excited. I just cried reading it. My mom is going to be so happy, and this couldn’t be a better gift for her spending her birthday in Quarantine. I’m going to tell all my friends about this!

Alexis, Gave a Rainy Day Letter to her mom

About Us

Grace Carter-Cavalier


Mum of three boys (Rafe, Milo and Magnus) and after working in Marketing for years, she's retraining to be a counsellor.

Wyatt Cavalier


Reformed banker, exhausted dad, , super depressed Liverpool supporter.

Thanks for buying a Rainy Day Letter

You'll get an email in a moment confirming next steps, but please reach out to wyatt@rainydayletter.com if you have any questions.

What Happens Next

1. Start your Rainy Day Letter

Once you've signed up, you'll get an email straight away. Click the link there to tell us about the recipient.

2. Get some contributions

Once you've told us about the recipient, you'll get another email with a unique URL. Send this out to everyone you'd like to contribute to the Rainy Day Letter.

3. We'll keep you updated

Every time someone responds to your survey, we'll let you know. Once you've had enough responses, we'll produce the letter for you in PDF format.

4. Present the Rainy Day Letter

You'll get a final email with the Rainy Day Letter attached in PDF format. You can then print it out or email it.

Please Leave a Testimonial

Please Leave a Testimonial

Example of a Rainy Day Letter for a Mum

This Rainy Day Letter was commissioned by Harriet for her mum Janie. She invited members of her family to contribute as well as some of her mum's lifelong friends.

Example of a Rainy Day Letter for a Best Friend

This Rainy Day Letter was commissioned by Grace for her best friend Lou. Grace asked Lou's oldest son, brother and other family members to contribute while also tracking down a few old friends.

Example of a Rainy Day Letter for a Neighbour

This Rainy Day Letter was commissioned by Sana for her neighbour Peter during Coronavirus lockdown. The whole street was overjoyed to contribute.